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Does your business discharge effluent? We will develop your action plans and liaise with Water Companies and Regulators on your behalf.

About Us

Who are Cockburn House?

We are a collective of industry experts who have worked or are working in the Water Industry.

Though not a secret organisation by any means, we act discreetly to maintain our relationships across industry and within regulatory bodies.

It's our mission to make sure private business can treat its effluent effectively and at a low cost. We also push Regulators and Water Companies hard to ensure UK businesses are not having their Water and Sewage providers investment responsibilities passed on to them. Businesses are increasingly having new consent limits imposed on them and their bills increased.

Working with us does not provide a free pass to pollute but it will show that you have a robust partner that will ensure you are well placed to correct and challenge any trade effluent issues your business is facing.

Treating trade effluent can be costly, time consuming and a legal minefield. We want to show you the best techniques to run an efficient and compliant effluent treatment plant.

We understand the legislation, we have operated effluent plants, we can optimise your process and we know the water industry. Cockburn House will not sell you expensive solutions and will always offer a pragmatic course of action tailored to your business.

Our aim is to provide quality help and advice in a time of need.